Special thanks to all the musicians and individuals who participated in this project:



Ramiro Marziani - Composer, Arranger and Guitars


Jonathan Salas - Drums (Track 3, 6 & 7)

Julián Pardo - Drums (Track 4)

Zak Icaza - Drums (Track 1)


Fernando Firmino - Electric & Acoustic Bass (Track 3, 6 & 7)

Brian Lottermann - Electric Bass (Track 1)

Noam Tanzer - Acoustic Bass (Track 4)


Joseph Rivera - Piano & Keys (Track 3, 6 & 7)

Thiago Vitorio - Piano (Track 4)


Juan Pablo Tello - Percussion (Track 2, 5 & 6)

Tadeo Kvitca - Bombo Leguero (Track 6)


Kristalis Sotomayor - Flute (Track 3 & 7)

Will Trueblood - Trumpet/Flugelhorn (Track 3 & 7)

Tim Murphy - Tenor Sax (Track 3 & 7)

Luis García - Baritone Sax, Bass Clarinet (Track 3 & 7)

Claudia Medina - Alto Sax (Track 3)

Ariel Loud - Soprano Sax (Track 7)

Anton Derevyanko - Soprano Sax (Track 4)

Erickson Cardenas - Trombone (Track 3)


Executive Producer: Ramiro Marziani

Recorded in Boston, MA from Feb - July 2018 by Juan Camilo Sarassa, Kenny Harmon, Alejandro Zuloaga, Mo Zahzah.

Mixed by José Carlos Campos, Godi Gaviria and Kenny Harmon.

Mastered @ SoundEQ Studios, LA by Santiago Salazar.

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The Martian’s Playground is Marziani’s first full album, recorded and produced in 2018. A high-energy, driving and exploratory voyage throughout many cultures and sounds, the record slides through Hard Rock, Jazz, South American Folk and Fingerstyle Acoustic songs. I call this “Martian Music”.

After spending 4 years in Boston, MA studying and playing music,  the album comes together to summarize a period of my life filled with new people, new ideas and a constant redefining of the sound I wanted and the people that would make it happen. All the internal and external conflicts with the music community, acceptance, denial, love, frustration, joy and a pure rock n roll spirit ultimately define this musical journey that I am very proud to present. The Martian’s Playground is music from the heart, for the heart and for the mind.

The album takes its name from Ramiro Marziani’s last name. All the way from Argentina, his surname led Ramiro to being nicknamed “marciano”, which means martian in English. The album begins with an aggressive Hard Rock tune, continues with fingerstyle acoustic and posthumously follows up with Jazz, Folk and other unexplainable wonders. What more fitting then, than that of describing the music in the title of the album: "A martian brings to the earth the sounds recorded in his playground from outer space."