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Hello there!


My name is Ramiro Marziani. I am a Professional Guitarist and Music Teacher from Argentina, living in the beautiful city of New York. I have 5+ years of teaching experience and 10+ years of performance experience. I am also a graduate of Berklee College of Music (Summa Cum Laude).



. Guitar (Beginner - Professional)

. Electric Bass (Beginner - Advanced)

. Piano (Beginner - Intermediate) 

. Music Theory (Jazz and/or Classical)


I teach children from 5 years old to adults 60+ from many different backgrounds, and my lessons are always structured the same way: To serve your needs, your goals and allow you to enjoy the process of learning. Some students want to come in and learn enough to play and sing some of their favorite songs; others want to learn the theory and technique of their instrument to the fullest. I'm here for you and will adapt the lesson to your best interest.


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I find that for any beginner, it's important to start with material that gets instant "musical" sound from the guitar. This consists on working on basic chords/patterns which you may use to start singing songs, learning some easy melodies, and finding the path you want to take on the instrument. The goal is to always enjoy your first steps, which will lead to quick progress.


Once you get more advanced, technical aspects like music theory and technique take a more prominent role in the lessons, if you wish to follow that path. These students have a great passion for the instrument and desire to learn outside of class.


For advanced players, I will find your strengths and weaknesses, and we will work on maintaining those strengths while slowly improving on the weaknesses; they may be technical, theoretical or even psychological. If you are looking to learn a particular style or aspect of the guitar such as improvisation, fingerpicking, extended chord vocabulary or if you need to prepare for a college audition (including sight-reading) I have the material you need, as I went through the same process.


I would like to work with you if you are willing to improve. I can only guarantee success and a relaxed, positive experience.


**Lesson Location: My home studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn or I can travel to your home. Parents are welcome to the lessons if under 18 :)


 Let's talk!


- Ramiro